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Apple’s announcement of special ‘education’ prices for iPad and Macbook Air opens an opportunity for almost anyone to get the cheaper prices.

Not that we’d suggest lying to Apple.  No, never.  Telling fibs to a gigantic company is wrong.  It’s not like Apple has even lied to their customers <sigh>.

The new offer discounts about 10% off regular prices on most Apple products including the new 9.7″ iPad with Apple Pencil support.  The new model retails for $329 but is available to educational users for $299.

(The Apple Pencil is a great stylus but hard to accept for an extra $99 … you read that right a hundred dollar ‘pencil’).

To qualify for the education discount you have to be:

  • Current and newly accepted college students and their parents.
  • Faculty and staff of all grade levels.
  • Homeschool teachers.

It’s the last option that’s the loophole.  There are ways for Apple (or Microsoft) to check if you’re staff or student, normally via a .edu email address or similar.

But homeschooling?  There’s no practical way to check that.

Smarties have figured out you can go to Apple Education store (US link) and buy as normal.

Apple might contact you for additional information.  Or maybe they’ll be too busy to check on everyone?

Outside the US, before ordering, check the local education rules and verification methods.  Homeschooling might not be recognized as a valid ‘school’ in your area.

Thanks to The Verge for the tip.

Office-Watch price warning

Apple sells Office 365 annual plans (Home and Personal) at top price so don’t add them to your shopping cart.  Better to buy elsewhere for cheaper, street, prices.

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