New features coming to Outlook, Access, Project and Visio

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The latest Office 2016 Insiders release version 1808, Build 10730.20030 shows off some upcoming additions to Outlook, Access, Project and Visio

Outlook – block forwarding in meeting invitations

When making a meeting invitation in Outlook, go to Response Options and deselect ‘Allow Forwarding’ to stop that invitation being forwarded to others.  ‘Allow Forwarding’ defaults on.

Source: Microsoft

That’s in addition to the existing ‘Request Responses; and ‘Allow New Time Proposals’ options.

Access: Linked Table Manager

About time!  There’s a   new and improved Linked Table Manager to show data sources and linked tables.  Refresh, relink or remove linked tables.

Source: Microsoft

Project: customize Task Board cards.

You can now customize the Task Board cards to show all the important details”

Visio into Word

Visio ” can now automatically add shapes and metadata to a Word document so that you can customize it and create “process guidelines” or “operation manuals”. ”

Visio: new stencils

“Microsoft has also added 26 new stencils with icons for faces, analytics, celebration, arts, sports, and more.”

Source: Microsoft

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