New features coming to Outlook, Access, Project and Visio

The latest Office 2016 Insiders release version 1808, Build 10730.20030 shows off some upcoming additions to Outlook, Access, Project and Visio

Outlook – block forwarding in meeting invitations

When making a meeting invitation in Outlook, go to Response Options and deselect ‘Allow Forwarding’ to stop that invitation being forwarded to others.  ‘Allow Forwarding’ defaults on.

Source: Microsoft

That’s in addition to the existing ‘Request Responses; and ‘Allow New Time Proposals’ options.

Access: Linked Table Manager

About time!  There’s a   new and improved Linked Table Manager to show data sources and linked tables.  Refresh, relink or remove linked tables.

Source: Microsoft

Project: customize Task Board cards.

You can now customize the Task Board cards to show all the important details”

Visio into Word

Visio ” can now automatically add shapes and metadata to a Word document so that you can customize it and create “process guidelines” or “operation manuals”. ”

Visio: new stencils

“Microsoft has also added 26 new stencils with icons for faces, analytics, celebration, arts, sports, and more.”

Source: Microsoft

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