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Office 365 plus $50 gift card 'deal', they are at it again

Yet again, a bad deal for Office 365 is being offered on Amazon and it’s even worse than last time.

In March there was an offer on Amazon for Office 365 Home (retail $99.99) plus an Amazon gift card $50 for a total of $149 – a ‘massive’ saving of 99 cents.

It’s on again and this time it’s even worse.

This new deal includes auto-renewal by Amazon — that allows Amazon to charge full price each year to renew.  In other words, pay full price now and in the future.

Sadly this ripoff is being widely promoted by major web sites.

$99 then $149

The way this seems to work is an original, short lived, price of around $99. At $99, it would be a good price assuming you can spend the $50 gift card on something you truly want.  You have to be quick and lucky to get that price.
But that low price doesn’t last long. Some web sites promote the offer but very soon (we’re talking hours, much less than a day) price goes up to $149.
On this occasion, we only saw the $149 price.

Cancelling auto-renew

Cancelling auto-renew is always an option — though most people aren’t aware of auto-renew or the high cost of convenience.  Sometimes cancelling auto-renew via a retailer is deliberately hard. Best Buy make customers call to do it.

Amazon lets you cancel Office 365 auto-renewal online. Go to Your Account | Your Memberships & Subscriptions | Digital Software Subscription Asset Manager.


Office Watch has explained how easy it is to continue paying less for renewals.  Just buy another year of Office 365 at the lowest retail price you can get and use the product key to top up your existing plan.  See Office 365 Money Saving Roundup

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