How the famous I ♥ Love NY logo was put together

Here’s the design details of how the famous I ♥ NY / I Love NY logo was made. The font, colors, symbols and how they come together to make an iconic sign imitated all over the world.

The logo was created by Milton Glasner in the back of a taxi but these days all you need is Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

The official ‘I ♥ NY’ logo complete with registered trademark.


The font is ‘American Typewriter’ a slab (thick) serif font.  Though it’s typewriter-like, the font is proportional not monospaced.  It’s available from various web sites including

Color: Black, obviously.

If the font looks familiar, perhaps that’s because it’s used in the credits for the US version of ‘The Office’ and ‘Young Sheldon’ TV shows.

Heart Symbol

The heart symbol is a traditional heart icon with a single color (no shadings or 3D effects).

The red is RGB: 238, 39, 34 or HEX: #ee2722


The letter ‘I’ and heart symbol should be the same height.

All text is the same font and size (i.e. both lines should be the same height)

The top line is narrower than the bottom line or the same width

With the basics in place, here’s some variations made of the I Love … logo in Word or Powerpoint. Create your own I ♥ Love…. Signs in Word

How the famous I ♥ Love NY logo was put together

Create your own I ♥ Love…. Signs in Word

I Love … variations in Word or PowerPoint

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