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Make your own blue checkmark Twitter ‘verified’ in Office

You can add a Twitter blue or gray checkmark to your Microsoft Office documents including Word docs, PowerPoint slides.  We’ll show you how to add the ‘verified’ graphic at any size you need with the exact blue, gray or some other color.

Oh, and save yourself $8 a month <kidding>.

We’ve all seen the Twitter verified tick or checkbox … but usually very small.  It’s now the indicator for the paid Twitter Blue subscription.  At a decent size, you can see it’s a little special.

It’s an eight-sided shape, like an octagon, but with curves instead of lines.

The check mark or tick has squared off ends, unlike the usual rounded or tapered ones. Not surprisingly, it’s similar to the checkmark in Twitter’s Emoji font (Twemoji).

Add the Twitter symbol to docs, sheets or slides

The best way to add the symbol is with an SVG graphic that’s supported in all modern Office apps.

We’ve included the code for the eight-sided sign with checkbox below.  Add that code into a text file with .svg extension.  The SVG file can then be added to an Office document via the usual Insert | Picture | From Device.

Twitter color blue and gray

The exact Twitter blue is Hex #1d9bf0 or RGB(29, 155, 240).

Change that color in the SVG details (see fill=”#1d9bf0″) or in Office after insertion (Graphics Fill)

Twitter Gray is #d8d8d8 or RGB(216, 216, 216)

Change color, outline and more

Just like any SVG, you can change the elements easily in Office from the Graphics Format tab. In particular Fill, Outline and Effects options under ‘Graphics Styles’.

Here’s just four examples of what’s possible in a few clicks away from the original SVG.

SVG Code

To make a SVG graphic, make a new text file in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (macOS) . Paste in the code below and save the text file with a .SVG extension.

See Converting SVG code into a graphic for Office

viewBox="0 0 24 24" >
<g><path d="M22.25 12c0-1.43-.88-2.67-2.19-3.34.46-1.39.2-2.9-.81-3.91s-2.52-1.27-3.91-.81c-.66-1.31-1.91-2.19-3.34-2.19s-2.67.88-3.33 2.19c-1.4-.46-2.91-.2-3.92.81s-1.26 2.52-.8 3.91c-1.31.67-2.2 1.91-2.2 3.34s.89 2.67 2.2 3.34c-.46 1.39-.21 2.9.8 3.91s2.52 1.26 3.91.81c.67 1.31 1.91 2.19 3.34 2.19s2.68-.88 3.34-2.19c1.39.45 2.9.2 3.91-.81s1.27-2.52.81-3.91c1.31-.67 2.19-1.91 2.19-3.34zm-11.71 4.2L6.8 12.46l1.41-1.42 2.26 2.26 4.8-5.23 1.47 1.36-6.2 6.77z" fill="#1d9bf0" >

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