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Ballot Box with Ballot 🗳 emoji in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

Insert the Ballot Box with Ballot 🗳 symbol into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook.  Both in Office for Windows and Office for Mac.

Ballot Box with Ballot 🗳  symbol can be used for any situation around voting or choice. For example to decorate this PowerPoint slide.

Aussies of a certain age will understand the reference,
for everyone else see Wikipedia and YouTube

How Ballot Box with Ballot 🗳 looks in different fonts.

On Windows computers you can choose between Segoe UI Emoji or Segoe UI symbol fonts.  Apple devices (macOS, iPhone, iPad)

Ballot Box with Ballot 🗳 codes

These are the important code numbers or values you’ll need to enter the Ballot Box with Ballot or 🗳

Decimal:  128499  Hex:   1F5F3

Web: 🗳 or 🗳

(web codes aren’t used in Microsoft Office, we’ve included them for the sake of completeness.)

Word and Outlook

The Ballot Box with Ballot 🗳  sign does NOT have an inbuilt shortcut in Word.

Use the standard Word Alt + X symbol shortcut 1F5F3  + Alt + X

Once in a document you can copy it to AutoCorrect and make your own shortcut.


In Windows there are several shortcuts to enter the Ballot Box with Ballot 🗳  character into any program, but they use a numeric keypad, not the number row above the letters.

Alt + 128499  

Window 11/10 Emoji Panel

The Windows 11/10 Emoji Panel has the Ballot Box with Ballot 🗳  character. Use Win + . (period/fullstop) to open the panel. Then search for ‘ballot’.

See Emoji Panel is part of Windows 11/10 that totally sucks

MacOS and Office for Mac inserting characters

On a Mac, to enter the Ballot Box with Ballot 🗳 symbol:

  • Command + Control + Spacebar shortcut to open the Character Viewer.  
  • Search for “ Ballot “ and the Viewer should find the symbol you need.

Despite the name Character Viewer, the Apple system tool will also insert characters into any program, including Office for Mac.

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