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Outlook meeting organizers now appear in Google Calendar

Google unveiled a little update designed to streamline the experience for Outlook enthusiasts. Outlook meeting organizers will now appear as that in Google Calendars.

According to the Google Workspace blog, Google introduced a subtle yet notable modification in the integration between Calendar and Outlook. The update clarified:

Previously, if a Microsoft Outlook user invited a Google Calendar user to a meeting event, the Outlook user’s display name would not appear at all in the list of meeting attendees on Google Calendar. Starting today, we’re updating this experience so that the Outlook user who organized the meeting is listed amongst the other meeting attendees in Calendar as the meeting organizer. 

While this might seem like a minor tweak from Google, it’s a significant improvement for Outlook users wanting to send meeting invites to Google Calendar participants, ensuring their role as the meeting organizer is evident.

Some argue this is really a bug fix rather than a new feature.

Who gets it and when?

The enhanced feature is gradually being introduced to both Google Workspace clientele and individual Google Account holders.

The revised Outlook meeting organizer functionality should be accessible to every Google Calendar user in roughly a fortnight from 23 august 2023.

Administrators aren’t required to activate this feature, as it will update automatically.

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