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Converting SVG into JPG, PNG or other raster image format

Converting SVG icons into JPG is essential for older Word and Office versions that don’t have native icon/SVG support. Here’s some options for conversion or sourcing alternatives.

SVG’s are great with many advantages for Office 365 and Office 2021/2019 users. Not everyone has the latest Microsoft Office or shares documents with others who have earlier versions of Office.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are a great for icons, logos etc. The big advantage is the word ‘Scalable’ – the same SVG looks great whether tiny or really, really big (unlike pictures which lose quality when enlarged).

Source: Wikipedia

Formats like .jpg .png .gif and camera RAW are raster formats.  When enlarged you get ragged edges and other nasty looks.

SVG’s can be recolored and edited.

There are plenty of SVG icons available on the web that can be converted for non-SVG programs like Office 2016 for Windows/Mac, Office 2013 etc.

Wikipedia for SVG

Wikipedia is a good resource for SVG’s as we’ve already demonstrated with  Finding more SVG or Icons for Office   and Edit options for SVG Icons in Office 365/2019  Any SVG on Wikipedia has PNG alternatives for download.

This time we’ll move from the London Tube, ‘across the pond’ and use the New York MTA logo. From the MTA page on Wikipedia click on the logo to see a full size version.

Click on More details to open up the full media page for the logo.  Below the preview are all the download and format options.

There are many PNG raster options available. Choose one that’s larger than the size you need.

Raster images can be reduced to smaller dimensions without loss of quality.

Converting SVG to Raster JPG PNG

If there’s no alternative format available, get the SVG and convert into a raster like PNG or JPG that’s compatible with all versions of Office.

Ideally, convert on your computer since it’s usually faster and more private than the online conversion services.  Happily, there’s a SVG to PNG/JPG workaround that anyone can use without special software.

Check your current Windows or Mac image software.  It might support SVG and be able to Save As … to a raster format like PNG or JPG.

SVG2PNG is a small Windows program to do the conversion

SVG to JPG, PNG raster workaround

If you don’t want to bother with conversion software there’s a simple trick which works on Windows or Mac.

In short: open the SVG in a web browser, enlarge to the size you need (or more) and take a screen shot of what’s in the browser window.  Save the screen shot or paste direct into any Office document.

For this example we’ll move to Asia and the amazing Hong Kong MTR transport system.

Save the SVG to your computer.  Drag and drop the .SVG into a browser window (or File | Open).  Any modern browser support .SVG graphics.

If necessary, use the browsers Zoom feature to make the displayed image smaller or larger.

Then take a screen shot using whatever tool you like see Taking  Screenshots –  Windows, Mac and more

The screen shot image can be pasted into any Word, Excel or PowerPoint document or saved as a separate image.

Online SVG converters

There are many web sites that will convert SVG’s into other formats.

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