Finding more SVG or Icons for Office

There are a lot more Office Icon or SVG graphics available than the ones in Office.

Office 365 and 2019 has Icons which is Microsoft’s name for SVG graphics.  You can find Microsoft’s gallery of SVG graphics at Insert | Icons.

That’s just a fraction of what’s available. There are a lot more SVG’s available online and, unlike the Microsoft Icon gallery, it’s searchable.

Why use SVG graphics?

SVG graphics are scalable.  They can be resized from very small to very, very large without losing any quality.  No blurry edges when enlarging.

It’s possible to make simple changes to SVG’s like color either within Office or outside it.

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Finding SVG

Google Image search is a great way to find graphics.  The Tools | Type pull-down list doesn’t have an option for SVG but that’s easily fixed.

We’re looking for an SVG version of the famous London Underground logo or roundel, created by Edward Johnston and enforced throughout the system by Frank Pick.

To find just SVG graphics add the text  filetype:SVG  to your search.  filetype: is a Google Search parameter that can limit any search to a certain file type (eg filetype:PDF  filetype:XLSX etc). No spaces between filetype:  and the file extension.

Once you enter a filetype:  request, it disappears from your search but a new pulldown list appears in Tools with a list of image file extensions and SVG preselected.

SVG Search in Bing

As far as we can tell, there’s no equivalent for finding SVG graphics with Bing.

Labeled for reuse

Check the right to use any image from the Tools | Rights pull-down list.  We chose ‘Labeled for Reuse’.

The London Underground logo/roundel is a trademark of Transport for London though it’s widely used around the world.


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