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What is Pin in Outlook and who gets it?

Microsoft has been boasting about a ‘Pin’ feature in ‘Outlook’ to highlight important messages that you don’t want to forget when it disappears down a long list of emails. This is how Pin works and which Outlooks have it.

Pin moves the message to the top of the Inbox (Focused or Other if you have a split Inbox).

Or click the Pin icon that appears when you hover over a message, it’s next to the ‘Mark as Read’ and ‘Flag’ icons.

Add as many Pinned emails as you like.

Pin works for any email account setup in Outlook, even non-Microsoft accounts like Gmail.

How to Pin or Unpin a message

Pin / Unpin is on the (new) Outlook for Windows toolbar near Flag and Snooze.

It can be added to the new Outlook for Mac toolbar but doesn’t appear by default.

Right-click on a message and choose the Pin option.

A pinned message can be unpinned from the right-click menu or click the pin icon in the message.

Keyboard shortcuts

Only Outlook for Mac has pin/unpin keyboard shortcuts.

Pin:    Control + P

Unpin:  Control + Command + P

It’s strange that Microsoft chose to have two shortcuts rather than just one which toggles between pin and unpin.

Which Outlooks get Pin?

Currently Pin is available in

  • (new) Outlook 365 for Windows
  • Outlook mobile for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Outlook 365for Mac (new look)

There seems little chance that the current Outlook for Windows will get Pin.

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