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Microsoft Teams is changing its name to … Teams

The Microsoft muddle of naming their products continues with the renaming of Microsoft Teams.

Not content to label many different programs as “Outlook”., Microsoft seems to enjoy a jumble of names for their Teams products.

For instance, this new listing of changes between the old Teams app (left) and a new release (right) includes this gem.

In other words …

  • The old app is called “Microsoft Teams classic” (that’s what Microsoft says, in fact the old app is still just labelled “Microsoft Teams”).
  • But in Windows 11 the pre-installed Teams was called “Microsoft Teams classic (work or school)”

Now the new Teams app is called (drum-roll🥁🎵) Microsoft Teams!

(Please try to contain your excitement)

It would be nice if Microsoft fixed a lot of their Teams “help” to make it clear what features are only available in the paid plans vs the free Teams that everyone gets.

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