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Paste Text Only gets a Word shortcut and confusion

Paste Text only in Word for Windows and Mac now has a keyboard shortcut but to do that they’re changing long-standing Word keyboard shortcuts.

New Paste Text only shortcut

This is the new keyboard shortcut:

Paste Text Only Ctrl + Shift + V
Mac: Cmd + Shift + V

This ‘Keep Text only” shortcut already works in Word in a browser and Teams.

Other shortcut changes …

That sounds great but several long-standing Word key shortcuts have to either change or, more likely, get deleted entirely.

Copy – Format Painter – shortcuts

Copy Format Painter  Ctrl + Alt + C
Mac: Cmd + Option + C

Paste – Format Painter – shortcuts

Paste Format Painter  Ctrl + Alt + V
Mac: Cmd + Option + V

Two other commands; Paste Special and Copyright Symbol are losing their keyboard shortcuts.

Keep Text Only in Word

Paste As Text is already in Word as one of the Paste Options on the ribbon or the mini-toolbar. What’s new is a direct shortcut to paste content as text only.

Paste tricks and tips for Microsoft Word explains Keep Text Only and other Word paste options.

Word Paste Text shortcut and changes

Here’s a summary of the changes to Word for Windows/Mac keyboard shortcuts.

CommandCurrent ShortcutNew shortcutCommand Name *
Paste Text Only / Keep Text only noneCtrl + Shift  + V
Mac: Cmd + Shift + V
Copy Format PainterCtrl + Shift + CCtrl + Alt + C
Mac: Cmd + Option + C
Paste Format PainterCtrl + Shift + VCtrl + Alt + V
Mac: Cmd + Option + V
Paste SpecialCtrl + Alt + VAlt, H, V, S
Mac: nothing!
Copyright © symbolCtrl  + Alt + C
(c) or Insert | SymbolCommon Symbols | Copyright

* Command Name: use this to assign a different key shortcut at Customize Keyboard.

* Using Keytips on the ribbon, a feature not supported on Office for Mac.

To type the Copyright symbol © most people probably type (c) but you can use either Insert | Symbol | Special Characters OR Customize Keyboard and the Common Symbols list to either restore the original shortcuts or make new shortcuts.

Are these changes necessary?

These changes are a right pain and, in this case, we’re not sure the new shortcut is worth all the trouble it’s causing to other long-standing Word shortcuts.

The Format Painter feature and shortcuts are widely used and, in the past, heavily promoted by Microsoft when it was a new feature.

Yes, Ctrl + Shift + V is used in Teams but why didn’t Microsoft first consider the implications for Office users when adding that shortcut?  The much boasted ‘Microsoft advantage’ using all MS products doesn’t extend to different parts of the company considering how changes apply to their other products.

Surely the extremely popular and long-standing Word shortcuts trump those from the relative newcomer Teams?

And again, Microsoft could do a better job explai­­­­ning these changes and showing how to restore the existing shortcuts for those who prefer them.

Who gets it?

The new and changed Paste shortcuts are in Word 365 for Windows and Mac.

The Paste Text shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V (Cmd + Shift + V) is already working in Word in a browser and Microsoft Teams.

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