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Expression Web - hidden May 2007 patch

Despite conflicting Microsoft documentation, there IS a security patch for the successor to Frontpage.

Expression Web is the successor to Frontpage and buried in the May 2007 patch details is a security update for that too – or maybe not. It depends on which Microsoft documentation you read.

Even though the download page says that the patch is just for Office 2007 and the Knowledge Base article says the same (at length) we suspect that’s an oversight. The May security bulletin is clear that Expression Web is affected and needs the same patch as Office 2007. Given the nature of the security hole it’s likely that Expression Web is affected despite the omissions.

The patch is buried inside the details of an update for Office 2007, which is a little strange because generally Microsoft has gone to some lengths to say that Expression Web is NOT part of the Office product line.

The Expression Web patch is listed separately on our summary of May 2007 patches.

We all make mistakes (we’re not immune) but with the resources available to Microsoft we feel that some more consistency and checking of their security docs are well overdue. This is not the first time that the security bulletins have not been correct or consistent, going back to some of the farcical Office updates of the last decade. These updates are confusing enough already …

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