Access 2007 Service Pack 2 - the official fix list

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The official fix list for Access 2007 both the summary and the complete list.

Here’s the official fix list for Access 2007 both the summary and the complete list. We’ve published it here for easy reference instead of hunting around Microsoft’s web site and an Excel worksheet.

This list does NOT include details of past hotfixes, security and other updates that are also bundled into Service Pack 2.

The list isn’t complete – Microsoft says there are other reliability, security and what they feel are minor bugs they consider ‘too specific’ to be publicly disclosed.



  • Lets you export reports to Microsoft Office Excel.
  • Supports memo fields in the mailing label wizard for addresses.
  • Fixes issues that occur in the import data wizards, in report printing and previewing, in macros, in Excel integration, and in date filters.
  • Includes updates to Access Developer Extensions.

Complete list

There’s one important change in Access 2007 SP2 that is NOT listed by Microsoft under the ‘Access’ list of changes.

  • The 2007 Microsoft Office Suite SP2 now includes updates that upgrade Access Developer Extensions to the SP2 level.

this note is under the heading ‘Office Patching’ instead!

  • · “#Error” is displayed in the output when you print a report that has an expression in Design View.
  • · A Click event on a form reports the wrong record until the event ends.
  • · A licensed ActiveX control cannot open in Access 2007 when the .lic file is renamed or does not exist. The .lic file is only required to insert the control and does not need to be present on the machines that the database is deployed to.
  • · A passthough query is executed twice when the query is saved.
  • · A run-time error occurs when you set any position property (top, left, height, or width) of a control in the OnFormat event.
  • · A StopMacro action in a macro that is looping through the use of the repeat expression argument in the RunMacro action will cause all pending iterations of the macro to end.
  • · A user can only see the first 4,750 tables of an SQL database in the ODBC import dialog box.
  • · A user cannot add, edit, or delete records to a subform in an ADP that is based on a multi-table view or stored procedure unless the user specified the unique table property for each table.
  • · A user creates a query, and then saves it in SQL view. When the user opens a form with the query in a subform, the user finds that the query has been deleted.
  • · Access crashes when a parent form sets its child’s source on its own current event after the parent’s source is set in the Open event.
  • · After a user opens a Filter drop-down list in a subform datasheet, an error message occurs because of invalid bracketing.
  • · After you try to insert a record on the one side of a many-to-one relationship in Datasheet view, the table on the one side may get into a state where records can no longer be added.
  • · An empty control source in a form causes the open form command button wizard to display an empty list box for filtering.
  • · An error prompt appears when a user runs the ApplyFilter command with a non-existent object specified.
  • · Applying Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-028 may cause a benign corruption error in multi-user databases.
  • · Customized Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) buttons do not appear unless you open the database through the Most Recently Used list (MRU) in Getting Started.
  • · Dates without a delimiter (yyyymmdd) are not converted correctly when you import text.
  • · Exporting to PDF/XPS or SNP fails when executing code that is referenced in another database.
  • · If you use the data collection feature to update a row that does not exist when the data collection reply is processed, the first row is updated, and you do not receive an error message.
  • · In Internet Explorer 8, you cannot use a mouse to select multiple cells in Microsoft Office Access Web Datasheet.
  • · In some edge cases, a casual exploration of the Getting Started experience can lead to the Getting Started experience no longer displaying a list of templates.
  • · Macros that use the SetProperty action to run in context in subforms or subreports cannot be authored.
  • · Memo fields are not included in the available fields for the Mailing Label Wizard.
  • · Numbers and dates are displayed as “####” for vertical text boxes in Report Print Preview.
  • · On a computer that uses Windows XP theming, a check box that uses the Tristate property does not function correctly and seems to be unselected.
  • · OpenForm does not apply filter criteria if the form is already open.
  • · Records in nested subforms cannot be deleted.
  • · Relinking a table fails if the table contains an AppendOnly memo field.
  • · Templates created with complex data (multivalue fields or attachments) instantiate with failures.
  • · The “More Smart Tags” button opens the incorrect URL for non-English versions of Access.
  • · The Keep Together property is ignored when a user has a report with an invisible detail section and group headers that have the Repeat property set to true.
  • · The Next Week, This Week, and Last Week date filters are broken in non-English versions of Office.
  • · The wizard that generates the where condition of an open form macro does not put ‘=’ in front of an expression.
  • · Unsafe function names in expressions are not translated into local languages and are displayed in English.
  • · When a user deletes a column in a Design Master and then tries to synchronize with a replica, the synchronization fails.
  • · When a user deletes a record and then chooses to undo the change in the Run view of the form, the user is prompted to save the form.
  • · When a user exports a query that needs Name Fixup performed, the query is permanently replaced with an empty query, and the export fails.
  • · When a user exports to the RTF format, the export is much slower than O11 for linked data sources.
  • · When a user imports a text file that has fewer columns than the table it will be added to, the default value is not applied.
  • · When a user imports a text file with delimited text, the import fails if the file is bigger than 32 KB.
  • · When a user selects the fixed width setting and then modifies the column widths to export the text, the customized width setting is ignored, and the default width is used.
  • · When an ApplyFilter action is on the Open event, Access crashes when you switch from Design view to Report view or Layout view for a report.
  • · When subform records are deleted by using code and warnings are suppressed, Access hangs when it tries to commit a JET transaction that has not been opened.
  • · When the OnError action runs as part of an AutoKeys macro and the AutoKeys key sequence is pressed, the Access Runtime crashes.
  • · When using Ace OLEDB to execute a parameterized query and pass in different parameter values, the Execute method will use the same parameter length as the first parameter.
  • · When you add a record in Access JPN for continuous forms, the first character is lost.
  • · When you add a total at a subReport with a datasource pointing to a field in the parent report, the control source is used for the name that contains the expression (data source) instead of the valid name.
  • · When you change the record source of a form in Browse View, unbound controls may lose their data.
  • · When you create a table with a primary key that is not called “PrimaryKey” and you enter data in the star column or in a newly inserted column in a row other than the first row, you may receive an error, and the data will not be entered in the correct row.
  • · When you open a linked table from Outlook, Access crashes.
  • · When you open a report using Visual Basic and then try to export the report, Access crashes.
  • · When you quick create a form with a hyperlink field, the hyperlink property is not set.
  • · When you start the Query Builder from the property sheet for a form or report, the property sheet closes while the Query Builder is open, and changes to the query are lost.
  • · When you try to import an .xlsx or .xlsx file by using the SQL Server 2005 Import Wizard, the ACE OLEDB provider hangs.
  • · When you try to save a form or a report after you change a textbox to a label, Access crashes.
  • · You cannot run Domain Aggregate functions against linked text files by using the “/cmd” switch.
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