Handwriting fonts for literacy skills

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Suggested fonts to teach writing recognition.

Office Watch reader Wim V saw our article on Avoiding Comic Sans and wrote to us about a use for Comic Sans and other fonts used in teaching literacy.  Some fonts can be used to teach people how to recognize and write different letters.

Wim writes …

Many literacy tutors like Comic Sans because it is one of the very few type faces with a “proper” a, similar to how many people handwrite their a.

Comic Sans - lower case a.jpg image from Handwriting fonts for literacy skills at Office-Watch.com

We are teaching adults to improve their literacy skills and at most basic level is about recognising and writing them. Because there are so many people out there each with different circumstances and it is difficult to recommend any one font. A good font to use with pencil on paper is not the same one to use with fountain pen on vellum and for writing on blank board you might need yet another type. Furthermore there are fashions as well: the font the monks used in middle ages is different to the gothic font used in 19/20 Century is different to what we use today.”

Here’s Wim suggestions – some of these are free fonts that you can get from sites like http://www.1001freefonts.com/

  • Aardvark Cafe
  • Apple Butter
  • Art Brush.ttf ArtBrush.ttf
  • CatholicSchoolGirls BB
  • Chancery Cursive
  • Cream Puff CREAMPUF.TTF
  • Dorcla Dorcla__.ttf
  • Fashion Victim
  • Guanine guanine_.ttf
  • Little Lord Fontleroy
  • Mr Goodbaur
  • Quigley Wiggly  

Thanks to Wim for those ideas … good for teaching both adults and kids.

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