Office 2010 the movie?

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Office 2010 as a movie is barely a trailer.

The marketing juggernaut revs up with Office 2010 – the movie

They call it a movie but at 33 seconds long it’s barely a trailer. Kubrick’s 2001 it’s not and it doesn’t reveal anything about Office 2010.

Also in the Office 2010 push today came:

  • Start of the Technical Preview / Beta trials with availability for TechEd conference attendees in Los Angeles.
  • Put yourself on the waitlist for future extensions of the Office 2010 preview.
  • The Office 2010 blog
  • Office 2010 discussion
  • Office 2010 Facebook page

Standby for the Office 2010 puppy and pogo-stick!

Otherwise Microsoft’s ‘announcement’ about Office 2010 at TechEd was all too familiar:

The Microsoft Office 2010 wave of products boosts productivity by giving users a familiar experience across the PC, phone and browser. For IT professionals, Office 2010 will offer more choice and flexibility in how they buy and manage their IT assets, helping them reduce costs. For developers, it will provide a platform for building innovative, connected Office-related applications with greater ease.”

Remove the words ‘and browser‘ and the same comments could be made, and probably were, for any upcoming version of MS Office in the last decade or more.

But that ‘browser’ word is important – all eyes will be on how well Office 2010 in a browser works and how well it integrates with a local computer.

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