Doing Accented Characters in Access

How to get accented characters in Access fields.

Q:  Ray Bona wants to know:  “How can I get an accented character (e.g. e-acute, n with a tilde, or o with an umlaut, etc.) in text that I enter in an Access field?”

A:  One way is to create the accented character in Word (using Insert Symbol), then copy the accented character and paste it into the Access field or control.  This doesn’t work for all characters, but it works fine for accented letters.  Alternatively, you can figure out the Chr$() value for the character in your font (using an ANSI Chart) and use that in a calculated expression, but that isn’t practical for entering text manually (though it is sometimes useful in creating expressions in code or query calculated fields).

You can also use the Character Map, a Windows feature that has been around for many versions of Windows, but is not automatically installed, so it may not be available on your system.  It if was installed, it should be located in the Accessories|System Tools program group.  If you can’t find it there, you will need to re-run Windows setup (if possible) and select the Character Map to install from the list of Windows components.

Yet another possibility is to copy the accented letter from the sample Northwind database, which is rich in accented characters, at least for European languages.

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