Office 365 mailboxes enlarge

Office 365 and Exchange Online users get double mailbox size for no extra charge.

Microsoft has announced a major increase in the mailbox size for Office 365 / Exchange Online customers.

For most people this means their mailbox can now grow past 25GB to 50GB. That’s a lot of space even for the most aggressive email users.

The 50GB space can be divided between the primary and archive mailbox, depending on which plan you’re using.

Here’s the summary of the new limits from Microsoft:

Office 365 Mailbox size summary Sept 2013 image from Office 365 mailboxes enlarge at

There’s no change to Sharepoint site mailboxes nor sharing content with external users.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to Office 365 software only subscriptions like ‘Home Premium’. Only Office 365 subscriptions that include hosted email, calendar, contacts etc via Exchange Online.