Office Mobile Apps coming soon

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint will soon be on mobile devices.

One interesting snippet generally overlooked in the Office 365 Small Business announcements was the mention of Office Mobile Apps.

There’s been plenty of talk about Microsoft Office coming to mobile devices, especially non-Microsoft devices but the Office 365 announcement was the first time Redmond has mentioned Office Mobile Apps in a product bundle.

Office Mobile Apps should be available for Apple, Android devices plus the minority with a recent Windows Phone.

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It will be a free app that can be used to view Office documents – that’s Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents.

Editing documents will require an Office 365 subscription. Most likely a subscription that includes Office software (eg Home Premium, Small Business Premium or above).

Whether you’ll be able to buy an Office 365 subscription from within the app will be interesting to see. We talked about this last year. Microsoft will not want to share subscription revenue with Apple so it’s possible there’ll be no direct subscription links within the mobile app. That doesn’t stop you linking the app to an existing Office 365 subscription – even if you just paid for the subscription separately a few moments before.

Interesting and exciting times ahead. Office Mobile Apps won’t be a complete port of Office software – the features available, usability on small touch screens, device compatibility and offline access will all be eagerly examined. Stay tuned.