Add-ins with Office 2013 64-bit

by Helen Feddema

I recently had occasion to set up a VM with 64-bit Windows 8.1 and 64-bit Office 2013, and I tested several of my add-ins in that environment, as well as Rick Fisher’s Find And Replace (the 64-bit version). I found that my Extras Plus add-in (an .mda add-in that works in Access 2003 and up) works fine in 64-bit Access 2013, but my LNC Rename .accda add-ins for Access 2007 and up (both the one that just just renames form and report controls, and the one that also renames database objects, which piggybacks on FAR) did not work, with an error message about the add-in being in a bad state or uninstalled. This was also the case with FAR itself. I tried compiling my add-ins, but that didn’t fix the problem.

But then I thought to try the old LNC Rename .mda add-in. I got a compile error on the FAR reference, so I reset it to the 64-bit file, and recompiled (no errors). Then I was able to use this add-in for renaming database controls, with no problems, and for renaming database objects, but with some problems (‘Access has stopped working” error) – but the objects did get renamed.

BTW, Windows 8.1 (or Windows 8) is a lot more tolerable if you replace the awful “Baby’s First Computer” giant tile interface with the Classic Shell add-in, which gives you a real Start menu with three style choices, as well as restoring a number of other things Microsoft removed.

Peter’s Windows 8.1 for Microsoft Office users has a lot on changing the interface including a chapter (starting on page 73) devoted to getting rid of the Modern interface.

I also recommend getting the Beautiful Queensland themes (click the Get more themes online link in the Personalization page of the Control Panel to select this theme pack, or another of your choice) for your Windows background, replacing the garish purple or orange back color. Here is a screen shot of Windows 8.1 with the Windows 7 style Classic Shell start menu and one of the Beautiful Queensland themes: image from Add-ins with Office 2013 64-bit at

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