Animated GIFs in Outlook messages, but not all Outlooks

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Outlook for iOS and Android has a of plugin with support for animated GIF’s which is very strange indeed.

Gfycat has released a plugin for Outlook iOS and Android that lets you choose animated GIF’s to insert into your messages.

Source: Microsoft/Gfycat

You can add animated GIF’s to emails from the Outlook app, but they won’t show any movement if viewed in Outlook for Windows/Mac or many other email programs.

Microsoft Office, including Outlook for Windows/Mac is notable for NOT having any animated GIF support. Moving GIF’s would be a nice addition to PowerPoint and Outlook but there’s no sign of them arriving.

More Fine Print

Another compatibility issue is the mail host that the Outlook app is connected to.  At the moment, the plugin is limited to Office 365 hosting and with Gmail promised for later.

Scroll down to the FAQ at the bottom of the Microsoft blog to see the details.

Which Outlook?

The Outlook apps for iOS and Android are quite different from Outlook for Windows or Mac – see The many faces of Microsoft Outlook

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