Multiple Selections in Slicers for Excel PivotTables

Rarely do you choose a single Slicer button.  More likely you’ll want to select multiple filters or buttons, here’s the various ways to do that.

You can press the filter icon next to Beverages and then select multiple items if you want to see both.

Just like other parts of Windows, hold down the Ctrl key if you want to select multiple items in your slicer. See the screenshot below: I have selected both the categories and two dates. You can select as you want your data to appear on the spreadsheet.


Another way to select many filters is the Multi-select button on top right of the slicer.  Click that button on (or Alt + S ) then just click on slicer items to select/deselect them.

Clear Slicer Filter

To remove all filters and show all data, click the Clear Filter button at top right or Alt + C.

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