Save money on toner/ink just by switching fonts!

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Use less print toner or ink simply by changing to a font designed to save you money.

Ryman Eco is an Windows/Mac font which the makers say uses a third less ink or toner than regular fonts.

In smaller sizes it looks normal but as the point sizes grow you can see the difference.   Ryman Eco is ‘hollow’ with gaps in the letter strokes.

At regular text sizes (e.g 9 to 13 points) most readers may not notice the difference.  Though it’s obvious when put side-by-side with regular fonts like Calibri (top paragraph) and Times New Roman (second para).

Just looking a Ryman Eco (last two paras above) in smaller sizes we’re not convinced there’s an ink/toner saving.  But the high cost of supplies for larger print runs means anything is worth a try.

Save on larger print runs

If you’re printing out many copies of a document, maybe give Ryman Eco a go?

After all, printing ink is a costly liquid costing between US$13 to $75 an ounce (about 28 grams).  There’s a designer who tweaks corporate logos to use less ink.

Ryman Eco is a free OpenType font, compatible with Windows and Mac.

Download from here, unpack the ZIP file and install RymanEco-Regulas.otf just like any other font.

Then it shows up in the Office font list with all the others:

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