Solitaire, the intern project that went global

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We’ve all played Solitaire, it’s been part of Windows since v3.1 but how did it begin?

Surely there was a team of Redmond developers dedicated to the task, beavering away day and night, powered by diet cola and chocolate bars?  Nope.

Solitaire was made by a bored intern at Microsoft who needed something to do!

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Wes Cherry’s little project caught the eye of Bill Gates and the rest, as they say, is history.

For a long time, Solitaire was the only thing some people did with their new computers.  No Internet, browsers or email to fill time.   I remember walking through airplanes in the 90’s and the few people who had laptops would invariably be playing Solitaire.

In fact, Solitaire has become so popular there’s a physical version of the game with paper cards that you lay down on a flat surface.


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