Office 365 plus US tax software 'saving'

Amazon US has a deal bundling current US Tax software with Office 365 Home or Personal. It’s just an example of how Office 365 bundle offers should be checked closely.

Office Watch has always been wary of any deals combining Office software with other products. Too often the combined price isn’t great, the additional product isn’t worth the bother or the extra software is a gateway to paying more later.

In this case, you’re better off buying the individual items at street prices instead of the bundles.

The Deal

This new deal combines Office 365 Home or Personal with H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2017. For $108.98 you get Office 365 Home plus the tax software.  Strangely, you pay more for the Office 365 Personal plus tax software at $113.95.

The Real Prices

Here’s how the prices breakdown.

Office 365 Home (5 licences) is officially $99.95 but you should be able to buy for around $85

Office 365 Personal (1 licence) is $69.99 with a street price around $60

H&R block 2017 Deluxe Federal + State is supposed to sell for $44.99 but you can get it for around $18 from Amazon.

Not a big deal

Using retail prices, the Office 365 Home /H&R Block bundle looks like a deal – $144.94 of software for $108.98.  But at street prices you’d only pay $103 … or about $6 LESS than the bundle.

The Office 365 Personal/H&R Block bundle is $114.98 officially with the bundle price of $113.95 (a whole dollar off!). You can get the same products for just $78.

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