Olympic Rankings in Excel; Gold, Silver, Bronze

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Here’s how to insert Olympic style rankings into Microsoft Excel with Gold, Silver, Bronze and fourth place in names with equal/joint placings noted.

The custom VBA is similar to other ranking functions at Many Ordinal RANK() options in Excel with joint, equal rankings, words and more.

Use this to make the right wording for a published table of results, output to a web page or data source for a Word mail merge (of certificates etc.).

Add this custom function RankOlympic() passing in the ranking, Highest value ranking and how many entries have that ranking.

Function RankOlympic(pNumber As Integer, pTopRank As Integer, pNumEqualRankings As Integer) As String

' Office-Watch.com
' Olympic style rankings.

Select Case pNumber

    Case 1
   RankOlympic = "Gold"

    Case 2
    RankOlympic = "Silver"

    Case 3
    RankOlympic = "Bronze"

    Case 4
    RankOlympic = "Just missed out"

    Case Else
    RankOlympic = "one of the rest"

End Select

' For bottom ranked item
If pNumber = pTopRank Then
    RankOlympic = "Last of the rest"
End If

' returns a suffix depending on the number of equal rankings.
Select Case pNumEqualRankings

    Case 1
  ' nothing to do

    Case 2
    RankOlympic = RankOlympic & " (joint)"

    Case Else
    RankOlympic = RankOlympic & " (equal)"

End Select
End Function

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