Find your Office 365 plan, expiry date and when Microsoft charges for renewal

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It’s easy for forget when your Office 365 plan is up for renewal or even which plan you’ve purchased.  These are vital points if you want to avoid being overcharged for Office 365 renewals, which is what Microsoft will do if you’re not careful.

Go to and login using your Office 365 linked email address.

Services and Subscriptions

Under Services & Subscriptions you’ll find two important details: the Office 365 plan and expiry date.

Office 365 plan

This page shows which plan you’re on:

  • Office 365 Personal (one person)
  • Office 365 Home (up to six people)
  • Office 365 University
  • or one of the Office 365 business plans.

Paying full price

Notice the renewal price, in this case $99.99 a year (not stated, but that’s BEFORE taxes in the USA and perhaps in other areas).

Microsoft always charges the highest price for renewals and, as we’ll see, charges customers well before the expiry date.

Expiry Date

The date that your entitlement to Office 365 benefits officially ends.

  • That date is in m/d/y format, in this case Microsoft means 10 May 2019 – sigh
  • Office keeps working after the expiry date during a ‘grace period’. Some people use that to stretch Office 365 for an extra three months. If you’re prepared to tolerate some nagging.
  • Expiry date is NOT the date you’re charged for renewal. Microsoft will charge your credit card over two weeks BEFORE the renewal date.

Set your own reminder

To make sure you’re not overcharged for renewals, set your own reminder.  Microsoft automatically charges renewals about two weeks before the Office 365 expiry date.

Office Watch suggests setting a reminder for a month before expiry.  That gives you time to find and buy a cheaper Office 365 package before Microsoft takes more money from you!

Renew weeks before expiry

To renew at a discount either cancel auto-renewal or manually extend your Office 365 plan at least three weeks before expiry.

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