Outlook fixes and updates in Windows 10 patch

A new Windows 10 bug patch has some fixes for Microsoft Outlook.  Microsoft’s documentation is typically brief, so we’ll fill in some details.  The time zone changes are too late to help some customers … why?

KB4520062 has many Windows 10 fixes but a few affect some Outlook users and anyone using the new Windows Virtual Desktop.

Daylight Saving changes

Outlook’s time zone features (calendar view and in appointments) are controlled by the time zone data in Windows.

There’s a team at Microsoft who monitor changes in time zones and daylight saving rules across the globe.  Most of these changes pass unnoticed by most people except those affected.

This update has two sets of Daylight Saving changes in the South Pacific.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a small Australian territory, really lovely and well worth a visit (flights from Australia and New Zealand).

According to Microsoft:

“DST in Norfolk Island, Australia will start at 2:00 am on the first Sunday in October current year, that is October 6th, 2019 and end at 3:00 am on the first Sunday in the April, that is April 3rd, 2020.

It will continue to follow the same time interval each calendar year thereafter.”

Which is correct but doesn’t explain why there’s a change at all.

Until now, Norfolk Island did not have Daylight Savings. The Regional Council decided on the change after consulting with the islanders (who are about 85% in favor of daylight saving).

Norfolk Island is now on the same time zone and daylight savings cycle as NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania (i.e. the Aussie east coast except Queensland).  They’ll be one hour behind New Zealand time, year-round.

The change to daylight savings has been known for at least a year and legislated back in December 2018.

Despite that notice, Microsoft’s update was late.  The Island switched to Daylight Savings on 6 October 2019, but the Windows/Outlook update wasn’t released until 9 days later!!!  Time zone updates should be in place well before the change, so that future appointments are set for the correct time.


Not that far away in Fiji (also nice place to visit) there are daylight saving changes.

“DST in Fiji Island for the current year will start at 02:00 (2 AM) on Sunday November 10, 2019, and end at 03:00 (3AM) on Sunday January 12, 2020.”

Fiji daylight saving start/end dates get decided each year and proclaimed by the government.

While this change isn’t late, like the Norfolk Island one, the change should have been added to Windows earlier in the year.

Delayed Time Zone updates

Why aren’t these changes pushed out to Windows/Outlook users in a timely manner? They should be added to the time zone data once they are confirmed by the government.  It seems that Microsoft ‘saves up’ changes then pushes them out at the last minute or later.

It might seem like a small detail but it’s important/vital for Microsoft Outlook customers. Without timely TZ updates, appointments aren’t properly recorded.

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Windows Virtual Desktop

If you’re using the new Windows Virtual Desktop (maybe with Office 365 ProPlus?), this Windows 10 patch is important

“ Addresses an issue that prevents users from reconnecting or signing in to Windows Virtual Desktops because of orphaned database handles from a previous user session. “

When to update?

Microsoft, as always, recommends updating right away. However, the company’s track record with updates isn’t good.  You might want to wait a few weeks to see if there’s any problems with the update.

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