Two Factor Authentication: Straight Talk

The latest ebook from is a little different, it’s a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to our Office Watch donors.

Peter Deegan has been quite astonished and humbled by the generosity of readers to our reader appeal.  Both the money and kind remarks have been a considerable morale boost quite beyond the practical help that the funds will be.

Two-Factor Authentication: Straight Talk

Two-Factor Authentication: Straight Talk is our latest ebook.  An important book to help everyone secure their online accounts from hackers, criminals and identity theft.

Only available by donating to the Office Watch reader appeal. often gets questions from readers concerned about someone hacking into their Microsoft, Gmail, Amazon or other online accounts.  The best solution to these concerns is Two-Factor Authentication.

All major online accounts have ‘two-fac’ though they might give it another name like ‘Two-Step Verification’ or ‘Login Verification’. Yet many people don’t use it because it either seems too difficult or there are misunderstandings about how 2FA works.  (We’ve used four different names for it in this paragraph. Various names for the same thing doesn’t help public understanding).

Two-Factor Authentication: Straight Talk shows how the system works in practice with advice beyond the official line.   It’s both easier and more complex than it seems.  The initial setup is easy, if you’re prepared.  And there’s some essential things to do after 2-Fac setup too.

The book starts with an explanation of Two-Factor Authentication with a bit of myth-busting.

Then we go step-by-step into preparation, setup and use of Microsoft’s Two-Factor Authentication.  A Microsoft account is necessary for anyone with Office 365, Office 2019, OneDrive,, Hotmail, Skype and many other Microsoft services.  That account opens access to a lot of personal or business information so it’s vital to protect it from hacking.

Then we show how to apply similar procedures to other major accounts:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email accounts from any host, perhaps the most important but most overlooked login.

Just one authentication app can be used for all these accounts (except Apple which, as usual, has its own system).

Any Authentication app

There are many authentication apps out there, our ebook focuses on two:

  • Microsoft Authenticator – has some nice notification features to make Microsoft account logins easier.
  • Authy – a well-regarded free authentication app with better backup support. Also has multi-device and sync options so a two-factor code can be read from any of your devices or computers without extra setup.

How to get Two-Factor Authentication: Straight Talk

As a ‘Thank You’ to donors we’re publishing Two-Factor Authentication: Straight Talk as a ‘Gracias Gift’ to our donors.

From today, anyone donating to fundraising drive will get a link to download Two-Factor Authentication: Straight Talk as a PDF to keep.

The ebook isn’t sold via our usual ebook store. It’s an exclusive ‘Thank You’ to our donors.

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