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New Outlook now available to all

The newest Microsoft Outlook, formerly called ‘One Outlook’ or ‘Project Monarch’, is now available via the Microsoft Store. Microsoft insists on calling this software merely “Outlook for Windows” which is silly and deliberately confusing. 

We’ll call it “One Outlook” which was Microsoft’s naming until recently.  That will distinguish it from all the other Outlooks including the “Outlook for Windows” that Microsoft has sold for over twenty years.

This new and incomplete “Outlook” is really a Progressive Web App (PWA), in other words a complex web page bundled up to work like a standalone program.  That’s OK in theory but the current “One Outlook” is woefully incomplete without most of the essential features in Outlook desktop for Windows or Mac.

First look at the new Microsoft Outlook – New Outlook

“One Outlook” was originally released as a preview alternative to Outlook 365 for Windows, which was a bit like offering a tricycle as a replacement for an SUV.  Anyone who took up Microsoft’s offer to switch was in for a shock.

Now the so-called “Outlook for Windows” limited PWA is available via the Microsoft Store but might not be available to everyone. There’s no Install button for many people and Microsoft hasn’t bothered to explain who qualifies.

If you qualify, it’s available for Windows 11 and Windows 10 (version 17763 and later).  Intel 64-bit machines only, no ARM support.

Misleading Advertising?

The Store description is very limited and borderline misleading, almost as if “One Outlook” was dropped into the Microsoft Store as an afterthought.

All it says is:

“Outlook lets you focus on what’s important with a clear view of email, calendars, and contacts”

No mention that it’s ‘work in progress’ software, incomplete and woefully limited.  Only supporting a single Microsoft hosted mailbox and requiring an Internet connection at all times.

The only clue to the ’preview’ nature of the software is the ‘PRE’ letters in the logo.  A code that most people would not notice let alone understand.

Addition to the Microsoft Store is only welcome because the “One Outlook” PWA app is more suitable for use with Microsoft hosted mailboxes only because it’s nowhere near a replacement for Outlook desktop.

You can try out this “One Outlook” on the same computer as Outlook for Windows.  Despite the naming, the two Outlooks are very different and won’t conflict with each other.

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First look at the new Microsoft Outlook – New Outlook

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