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Outlook for Mac: Add 2022 FIFA World Cup calendar

Here’s how to keep track of your 2022 World Cup football team and when the live broadcasts will be in your time zone – all by adding a calendar to show in Microsoft Outlook for Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Here’s all the 2022 World Cup fixtures in Outlook, on the left we’ve added two time zones (Qatar, where the games are played and London, where I am). You’ll be able to show the game times in whatever time zone suits you. 

Adding an Internet calendar is easier in Outlook for Windows, see Put 2022 World Cup fixtures in your Outlook for Windows calendar

Amazingly Outlook for Mac does NOT directly support shared or subscribed Internet calendars.  But don’t panic, doesn’t just accept the Microsoft line. We went hunting for a workaround to Outlook for Mac’s limitation … and found one!

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Internet calendar workaround for Outlook for Mac

Outlook for Mac, like all Outlook’s, support multiple calendars that can be viewed side-by-side or overlaid.  The trick is to add an online calendar to your calendar via the mailbox web site.  Once the calendar is setup elsewhere, it will synchronize with the same mailbox on Outlook for Mac

In short: add the calendar subscribe link via the browser-based version of the mailbox e.g. or .  Once you’ve setup the Internet calendar via the web site, it will appear on a synchronized Outlook for Mac or any other calendar app.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for adding 2022 World Cup matches so they’ll appear in Outlook for Mac.

2022 FIFA World Cup online calendar

We’ve looked around the Internet for a reliable source which has good time zone formatting.  We’ve tested online calendars with Outlook’s in different time zones to make sure the events are converted to the correct local time.

So far, the best option we’ve found is ….
Thanks to the amazing Camilla Wright for the tip.

They have an online calendar that anyone can use, around the globe.  It has the necessary (but too often omitted) time zone info in a format that Outlook will use. Their calendar appears in Outlook with matches converted to the local time of broadcast. 

Choose a country

If you’re only interested in some matches, go to, choose a country from Argentina to Uruguay then follow the same steps below. has many options for choosing which matches to show, see above. For now, we’ll use the complete match list at

First, make sure the Time Zone selection is correct. The web page will choose for you based on your computers clock, see the ‘In your timezone’, bottom right.  Change if you want the match timings in the original (Qatar) different time zone.

Right-click on the ‘Microsoft Outlook’ option and choose ‘Copy Link’ or equivalent in your browser.

The link for a list of all 2022 World Cup matches via is

That link works for both Outlook online and Apple iCal.

Add to your calendars online

Now open your browser to view your mailbox from there (not Outlook for Mac software). or or another online calendar service like Gmail.

On the left side, choose the Calendar icon then scroll down to “Add Calendar”.

Choose “Subscribe from web” then paste in the webcal link from the site (see above).

Add a name for the calendar. The name, color, charm (icon) and calendar type can all be changed later.

Once you’re happy with the setup, click Import.  Wait a moment and the extra calendar will appear in the left pane.

All the matches appear in the calendar view using the color and icon selected.

Another workaround

An alternative way to add an online calendar is to use some other software that does support online calendars and link that software to the same mailbox.

For example, connect the same mailbox to a copy of Outlook for Windows then setup the online calendar on that. The added calendar will be synchronized to other devices linked to the same mailbox.

Not ideal, but it’s what Microsoft leaves us given their missing features on Outlook for Mac.

Outlook for Mac calendar

Now the extra calendar is setup online, open Outlook for Mac, let it synchronize with the online account then check out the Calendar view.  Like magic the World Cup calendar now appears in Outlook for Mac .. here showing the World Cup 2022 fixtures overlaid with another calendar. Three time zone indicators at left, Qatar (where the games are played), Sydney (Australia) and the local time zone.

Multiple calendars and extra time zone display on Outlook for Mac

also on Outlook for Windows, Outlook mobile for iPhone and iPad or any other calendar app.

Multiple calendars, including World Cup 2022 in Outlook mobile for iPad


Multiple calendar support has been in the Mac version of Outlook for many years. Outlook 365, Outlook 2021, Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016. 

To add / subscribe to an Internet calendar, you’ll need a cloud-based mailbox which supports Internet calendars (e.g., Microsoft 365 hosted mail, Exchange Server, Gmail). Or another calendar app that does support internet calendars,

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