Send a full size, original image by WhatsApp for Android

Make WhatsApp send and receive the original, full size picture on Android devices for editing and viewing on larger screens. Usually, WhatsApp sends a small version of an image not the full size original but there’s a simple workaround.

Find out more at Make WhatsApp send full size, original photos

iPhone too!  Send a full, original image by WhatsApp for iPhone

In short: send the image using the Document option instead of Camera!

‘Document’ will send any file up to 100MB.  The name ‘Document’ should really be ‘Any file’.

Send original photo

On any Android device, click on the paperclip then Document.

Look for the original photo. This is the slightly difficult bit.  WhatsApp will show the devices Documents folder but we need the folder where images, especially camera photos are saved.  Tap on ‘Browse other docs’.

Where are camera photos?

On an Android smartphone, camera images are in the DCIM folder on either the internal storage or SD card. The Camera app lets you choose between internal and SD card.

Camera photos in the DCIM folder on Internal Storage (left) or SD card (right).

IMPORTANT NOTE: the basic principle (find the DCIM folder) is always the same.  But will look a little different on your Android device.
As they say in the USA “Your mileage may vary”
Each brand and model of Android phone has different screens and labels as well as apps and language changes.  There are hundreds of possible variations.

Tip: Sorting by Date instead of Name will help find recent photos.

Find the Camera DCIM folder

If you’re not sure where to look for camera photos?

Open the Gallery app and find a camera photo. Under Details see where photo is saved.

The images could be split between two DCIM folders. One on the main storage and the other on an external SD card.

Receiving a full size image on Android

If someone sends you a full-size image, it appears with an icon. Click the download button to save the image to your device.

Unlike smaller photos which appear on a device automatically, documents and other attachments have to be selected for downloading.

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