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Spell and say Kiev or Kyiv according to Microsoft Word

“You say Kiev, I say Kyiv” for the capital of the Ukraine.  How does Microsoft Word handle the different spellings and how to pronounce the name with Read Aloud.

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Is it Kiev or Kyiv?

Kyiv is the Ukrainian spelling of their capitals name, it’s pronounced ‘kee-yiv’ and the Cyrillic spelling is Київ

In the west we’ve more familiar with the Russian spelling; Kiev  and pronunciation ‘kee-yev’. Cyrillic: Киев

As you’d expect the Russian spelling and pronunciation has fallen out of favor.

Kiev corrected in Microsoft Word

Both Kyiv and Kiev are accepted by the English language spell check in Word 365.

However there’s a Grammar and Refinements option to check for ‘Sensitive Geopolitical References’. If you have that selected (most don’t), Word will warn about the word ‘Kiev’ saying “It’s best to use current place names” and suggests ‘Kyiv’ instead.

Kyiv in sunnier and more pleasant times. Source: Peter Deegan

Read Aloud: Kiev and Kyiv

While Microsoft’s Grammar and Refinements have it right, the Read Aloud feature isn’t correct.

Both Kiev and Kyiv are pronounced the same Russian ‘kee-yev’ way.

We tried using various English and Ukrainian language settings, always the same pronunciation for both words.
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