Star Wars look in Word and PowerPoint

Whether you’d like to join the Force or make fun of it, here’s how to get the famous Star Wars look in Office.

See Star Wars movie opening and end credits in PowerPoint

Star Wars font

There are a few ‘Star Wars’ fonts available.  All probably in breach of many copyright rules but apparently tolerated.

An excellent collection is Star Jedi which has a good set of characters and link lines to emulate parts of the logo.  Available here.  There are block, hollow and outline versions of the font.

Star Wars logo shortcut

A Logo shortcut, use the @ symbol in Star Jedi  or Star Jedi Hollow to insert the logo in one swipe of your light sabre.

In the download ZIP are Word documents that explain all the characters available, including all the underlines and links.  Make sure you install the matching fonts first, otherwise the document will look very weird.  Hint:  Copy symbols into your document is often the easiest way to get some of the special characters.


As usual, the fonts can be colorized to suit:


Use them in PowerPoint presentations.  Start with a ‘star’ background then add some text or a title:

or perhaps more ominously …

Star Wars in the Office dictionary

Make your own ‘Snow Flakes’ posters in Word or PowerPoint

Obviously, Star Wars, the logo and many other related things are the property of the Disney Corp and, originally, George Lucas.

Star Wars movie opening and end credits in PowerPoint
Star Wars in the Office dictionary
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