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Microsoft 365 Basic finally gets all the security features

The low-cost Microsoft 365 Basic plan is now getting all the security features that were promised back in January when the plan was released.

Microsoft 365 Basic’s main features are 100GB of OneDrive storage and a 50GB mailbox for US$20 a year.  In January 2023 the plan was announced with vague promises of advanced security features later in the year.

Now we know that from 12 October 2023 the Basic plan will also have:

  • Personal Vault with an unlimited number of files, up to the overall quota.
  • Sharing links with expiry dates
  • Sharing links with password lock
  • Restoring of deleted files
  • “Ransomware detection and recovery”

In other words, most of the OneDrive features available on other Microsoft 365 plans but with only 100GB of online space, not the usual 1TB.

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