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More comments by Victor Morgan on embedding fonts into Word documents

Victor has some more comments following from last week’s article on embedding fonts into Word documents.

If Word opens a document that requires a font not installed on that computer (and not embedded) it will display what it thinks is a similar font. However the name of the original font is retained. Click in the text with the missing font and look in the formatting toolbar’s font list to see the name of the intended font.

After you install the necessary font you can then see the document as it was intended – usually you have to close Word and restart it to refresh the font list.

How to get the font?

Armed with the name of the font you can usually get it from the Internet. Go to your search engine du jour and enter the full font name plus the word ‘download’. Most likely you’ll be shown a range of web sites that have collections on fonts for free download.

Note: most of these fonts are pirated and the sites are distributing them illegally. Keep that in mind. The correct advice I should give is that you shouldn’t download unauthorized software including fonts.

Make sure the font you download looks ‘right’ i.e. similar to the one that you need. Just because the font names match doesn’t mean the font has the same look.


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