Office 2003 hotfixes galore

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Six new patches for Office 2003, Word 2003, Excel 2003 and PowerPoint 2003.

The update ‘fun’ this week users isn’t limited to Office 2007 – there are also several ‘hotfixes’ for Office 2003.

These ‘hotfixes’ are temporary and ‘ not fully tested’ updates.

Only install them if you have the specific problem mentioned and you need a patch now. It’s better to wait for a properly tested update whenever possible.

If you need one of these patches, use the “View and request hotfix downloads” link at the top of the Microsoft support web page linked below. Fill in your email address and a download link for the hotfix will be sent to you.

Office 2003 and EPS graphics – 1

Importing an .eps (Encapsulated PostScript) files into an Office 2003 program can ‘reward’ youj with this error:

An error occurred while importing this file.FileName.eps

Details and patch here

Office 2003 and EPS graphics – 2

A second .eps graphic problem – this time no error message but the image ‘displays incorrectly’ / distorted.

Details and patch here

The two .eps related hotfixes patch the same Office core file – gpfilt.msp – it’s not said what you could do if you’re having both described problems. That’s quite possible if you work a lot with .eps files as many graphics shops do.

Excel 2003

This hotfix deals with two separate problems:

  1. You can make Excel crash by pointing to colored references (highlighted cells used as source data) when Excel is recalculating.
  2. Opening a worksheet made by third-party software (no names given) can give you the error message “File Error: Data may have been lost” . Microsoft doesn’t say if data is really lost or not – just that the error appears.

Details and patch here.

Office 2003 and Remote Desktop

To hit this bug you need to be running Remote Desktop Connection in ‘True Color (24 bit)’ mode to a computer with Office 2003 SP3 then open a Powerpoint 2003 presentation with shapes. The transparency on the shapes is wrong.

Details and patch here.

PowerPoint 2003

The problem is related to opening a presentation as ‘read only’ from a Sharepoint library and the presentation has a link to yet another presentation on Sharepoint.

Details and patch here.


and after Office Watch #14.08 went out we found another one … these patches are like cases of swine flu – popping up all over the place .

Word 2003

This patch covers three separate problems:

  1. When you insert a manual page break inside a table cell, a bookmark in a table cell is moved outside the table if the beginning of the bookmark is at the beginning of the first cell in the row where you insert the page break.”

  2. Opening a Word 2007 document (with the compatibility pack) containing an XML node attribute longer than 256 characters will work but the attribute is shortened to 256 characters.

  3. Sending a Word 2003 file as an attachment in Win XP or Vista Japanese versions only will generate a MAPI error if the document file name has Chinese characters.

Details and patch here.

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