Google gets Docverse

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Google increases the pressure on the Microsoft Office online service.

Google has purchased a little online service called DocVerse shooting another ‘shot across the bow’ at Microsoft’s rival online service.

Docverse lets you collaborate, editing and viewing documents using Microsoft Office with the Docverse add-in and shared ‘cloud’ storage provided by the company. Docverse works with both Office 2003 and Office 2007 for Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents.

The Google purchase means we can expect the Google Docs online to include a way to directly edit online documents from within Microsoft Office. At present you have to download/upload documents between your computer and Google Doc storage.

Google says they are working on “making it easier for people to transition to the cloud, and interoperate with desktop applications like Microsoft Office” and the Docverse technology will let them do that. Not only does Docverse let people use Office 2003 or Office 2007 with cloud storage but the principals of the firm are former Microsoft staffers who worked in the Office team.

Microsoft’s Office Web Applications will let you edit documents online and via Office software but is currently restricted to Office 2010 software. The Docverse purchase may force Microsoft to loosen up the Office software links to their online service.

Even if you don’t use Google Docs, the company is forcing Microsoft to introduce innovations for Office users that might otherwise not be available or available for a fee.

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