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Live Mesh Skydrive vs real Skydrive

Microsoft blurs the line between Skydrive and Live Mesh.

As reader Bernard L. notes “My Live Mesh was automatically converted to a synced Skydrive folder weeks ago! “

Bernard is right, the 5GB cloud storage element of Live Mesh was recently renamed to ‘Skydrive Synced Storage’ but it’s separate from usual Skydrive storage even though both are under the same Windows Live account.

Live Mesh - Skydrive Synced storage image from Live Mesh Skydrive vs real Skydrive at

‘Skydrive Synced Storage’ is limited to 5GB, not the 7GB or 25GB of standard Skydrive.

Aside from the name, there’s no apparent connection between the ‘real’ Skydrive and the Live Mesh cloud storage. But it may well be a prelude to a further merging of the products.

Live Mesh continues to work, for the moment. But it’s clear from Microsoft oblique statements and effective disbanding of the Live Mesh development team that they are letting it whither on the vine.

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