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A fully revised new edition of one of our most popular ebooks, Organizing Outlook Email, for Outlook 2010

We’re delighted to announce a fully revised new edition of one of our most popular ebooks Organizing Outlook Email for Outlook 2010

We’ll take you through all the email management features available from simple moving of messages to adding Categories, Flags, Reminders and much more with plenty of color images to illustrate.

Attachments – how to preview, open, manage and delete attachments. Viewing and sorting messages in various views. That includes restoring the Unread messages view inexplicably dropped from Outlook 2010.

Searching is an important part of Outlook so we look at it in considerable detail. There are simple searches through to complex finds as well as the invaluable Search Folders.

There are many anti-spam features in Outlook 2010. Organizing Outlook Email looks at all the options with advice on which to use and, crucially, which to avoid. The book explains how modern spam filters work with Outlook 2010 being just one part of the process.

We’ll show you how to get Outlook to do some of the arranging and management of messages for you. Quick Steps let you create your own buttons to reduce multi-step tasks to a single click Outlook Rules are very powerful and you’ll be able to harness that power with our step-by-step examples.

One of our ‘Quickie’ guides – short ebooks on a specific topic offered for a low price of just $4.95 for Office Watch subscribers. We say ‘short’ but Organizing Outlook Email second edition is over 120 pages long or almost double the size of the first edition!


Anyone who bought the first edition in the last 12 months has received a free upgrade and has been notified in a separate email.

Office Watch has a comparatively generous update policy for their ebooks which is applied on a ‘per case’ basis to each new release.   Much depends on the extent of the changes to the ebook, length of time since the last release and, of course, the price.

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