Office for iPad: The Complete Guide

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We’re delighted to announce a brand new title from Office Watch. Office for iPad: The Complete Guide is now available.

After the success of Office 2013: the real startup guide we decided to do something similar for the newest incarnation of Microsoft Office, released just over a week ago.

Office for iPad has NO help files or documentation with the apps so we’ve filled that yawning gap left by Microsoft.

cover - Office for iPad: The Complete GuideOffice for iPad: The Complete Guide is a comprehensive look at

  • Word for iPad
  • Excel for iPad
  • PowerPoint for iPad

with a focus on how to get work quickly done.

Stuff you need to know, in depth and without the Microsoft hype.

A lot of Office for iPad is hidden away withinvisible tricks and hidden menus. We’ll show you all the neat stuff that Microsoft has hidden from view.

Every menu, ribbon and inline toolbar/menu ‘up close’

How to get documents to/from your iPad.

Document security and your privacy.

Useful iPad features that Office for iPad users may need.

All this for a low price of just $6.95 for Office Watch subscribers ($12.95 for regular humans). Office for iPad: The Complete Guide is over 170 pages long with full-color images throughout.

How to get it

Office for iPad: The Complete Guide is available now.

We’re offering a substantial discount to Office Watch subscribers, just $6.95an $6.00 saving click here.
As usual, there are options in Canadian dollars, UK Sterling, Euro and Aussie dollars click here

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