Office Mix

A new way to publish PowerPoint presentations with videos, web pages and quizzes.

Office Mix is a way to turn a Powerpoint slide deck into what Microsoft calls an ‘interactive online lesson’. It’s squarely aimed at the educational market.

The idea is to expand a PowerPoint presentation into a full online lesson containing:

  • The presentation that can contain slides, videos and live (secure)web pages

  • Then a quiz on the presentation. True/False, multiple choice, multiple response and free response are available. The quiz questions can include feedback customized for right and wrong answers.

The name ‘mix’ comes from the concept of mixing videos, quizzes and other content into the presentation.

Each ‘mix’ presentation is published to a private web site (hosted by Microsoft). You give a web link to your students who can view the presentation on most web browsers and devices (says Microsoft).

The presenter can see results as people view and interact with the ‘mix’. The ‘Mix’ includes analytics showing quiz results and other details.

While Mix is intended for educational purposes, there’s no apparent reason why it can’t be used by others.

At present Office Mix is in ‘Private Preview’ but you can look at some Mixes from their Gallery. will have more on Office Mix once it moves into a more public preview.