OneDrive goes to 10GB

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Microsoft has increased the maximum size for a single file on OneDrive to 10GB.

That’s a sensible change since Office 365 customers now have a Terabyte (1,000GB) available online.

The 10GB limit applies to files transferred via the desktop or mobile apps.  Uploads via web browser seem to remain limited to 2GB (we’re inferring from Microsoft silence on that detail).

10GB in one file is way larger than most people will need and certainly larger than any single Microsoft Office document has a right to be.

But it’s a limit worth keeping in mind for backups.  One use of online storage is keeping backups offsite in case of disaster.  Create your backup files with whatever software you normally use then copy to cloud storage.   If something really bad happens (fire, theft etc.) you have the chance to recover your data from the cloud. For your privacy, give the backup file a password to lock it away from prying eyes and snooping governments.

For anyone interested, the single file limit on other cloud storage services are:

DropBox: no limit.  Upload via the website limited to 10GB.

Google Drive: a whopping 5TB (if you call five terabytes in one file a limit).  Documents to edit with Google’s online services (Docs, Sheets or Slides) have limits based on the content … details here.

BT Sync has no practical limit. Only limited by the operating system itself.

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