The Clinton’s special Excel worksheet

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How the Clinton ‘Saints and Sinners’ spreadsheet might look.

Excel has many uses and an upcoming book talks about one of them. Apparently Bill and Hillary Clinton used Excel to maintain a list of those they like and dislike.

We could not help wonder what the Clinton worksheet would look like and why they’d use Excel. Here’s one possibility based on the information revealed so far …

Sinners worksheet image from The Clinton’s special Excel worksheet at

Excel is a good choice for such a list since it has all the features a modern politician needs:

  • Can be easily shared with staff via cloud storage or SharePoint

  • Rankings can be added or changed

  • The list can be sorted by Ranking

  • Filtering and searching makes it easy to find someone

  • The list can be viewed or edited on a laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere.

The downside is that an Excel spreadsheet can be shared with other people, possibly even those named in the worksheet!

Save the worksheet on a cloud service or email it and you get a free ‘backup’ on the servers of the National Security Agency!


All politicians keep such a list, mentally, physically or online. Such a ‘Saints and Sinners’ list is really a specialized version of the Farley File a common asset maintained by politicians and others. Governor Chris Christie’s staff apparently kept a close eye on those that had crossed their boss.

Famously, Santa has a ‘Naughty and Nice’ list.

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