Another faulty Office patch needs fixing

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Yet again, Microsoft sent customers a faulty Office update which needs fixing.

This time it’s Office 2016 perpetual licence customers affected or, strictly speaking, anyone who has installed Office from a .msi file instead of ‘Click to Run’.  Click to Run is the standard option for Office 365 subscribers,.

The latest debacle started with an 1 August patch to fix a wrong password expiry notification.

Bugs added by Microsoft

When that patch was installed, customer’s may have also received one of these bugs for their trouble:

  • Hyperlinks may stop working in Excel 2016.
  • For the 32-bit version of Outlook 2016, Office Store redirects you to the web store instead of opening the in-client store.
  • Editing languages and Help languages may be changed unexpectedly. For example, a display language may be missing from the editing languages list even if you have not removed it.

It took Microsoft three weeks to admit to the bugs and supply a patch.

If you have the affected software AND are striking one of these bugs, use this KB4011093 update. Don’t apply the patch unless it’s necessary.

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