Google grabbing some of the office & cloud pie

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A few weeks ago we told you Facebook is considering a defection from Microsoft’s Office 365, that was just one player in a much bigger game for office software and cloud related services.

Google is pressing hard to get as many as possible Fortune 500 companies signed up to their word processing, spreadsheet and presentation services.

Recently, Google has signed up Capital One bank, Nielsen the famous media measuring firm and Airbus.

Google figures they can get companies contracted for some cloud services, then extend that to other opportunities.

Of course, that’s what Microsoft and Amazon are also working towards.  Microsoft has the market lead and the best chances because Redmond has tightly integrated Office software with their cloud services.  That makes it hard for organizations and people to move to a rival.

For regular Microsoft Office users all these corporate negotiations mean nothing but it’s a good sign for the development of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

More than anything else, competition keeps Microsoft adding and updating Office

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