Vale Ursula Le Guin

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The passing of the author Ursula Le Guin, aged 88, is a great sadness.

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“Truth, is a matter of the imagination” – Genly Ai

Her stories, novels and other writings were always thoughtful, well constructed, elegantly written and much loved by her many readers.

Peter, our Editor in Chief recalls:  “On my 1996 visit to Antarctica we walked over a seemingly endless ice sheet. In the middle of this modest trek I thought of the pull across the Gobrin Ice narrated in The Left Hand of Darkness.  I’ve never had such a strong link between fiction and immediate reality. It’s a sign of the strength of her story and characters that have stayed with me after two decades.”

If you’ve never enjoyed Ms Le Guin’s work, you can start with The Left Hand of Darkness or The Lathe of Heaven.   Beyond that there’s, the Earthsea series starting with the trilogy for young people The Wizard of Earthsea etc then onto deeper works Tehanu and The Other Wind.  Really, you can grab any of her work, novels or short stories, and settle in for a good read.

Ignore the various film and TV adaptations of her work, they don’t bear thinking about (shudder).  With the exception of the 1980 PBS ‘The Lathe of Heaven’, Ms Le Guin’s works were badly handled by filmmakers.

Ms Le Guin is survived by her husband, three children and grandchildren.

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