Excel Mobile Read Aloud in iPhone and iPad

It is possible to have Excel for iPhone or iPad read aloud a workbook.  The options aren’t very good but we’ll explain what’s possible.

Excel 365 does not have a Read Aloud or Speak feature similar to Word for iPhone/iPad let alone Word for Windows.  The same goes for the ‘all-in-one’ Office app which includes Excel.

We have to turn to the iOS Accessibility options at Settings | Accessibility | Spoken Word

Turn on Speak Selection.

Optionally adjust the Speaking Rate and choose from the Voices available.

In Excel, a Speak option appears in the popup menu for a selection.

That’s the good news, now the bad news.

Speak will only read one cell.  Even if there’s a many cell selection.

Speak Screen in Accessibility might seem like an alternative but, unfortunately, it only reads the menus and tabs, not the worksheet.

Microsoft should fix the Read Aloud options in Excel 365 for iOS.  Either change the Speak option so an entire selection is spoken, not a single cell. Or add the Read Aloud option already in Word for iOS and Excel for Windows.

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