Teams gets Insider options for early adopters

Microsoft Teams users are getting similar ‘Insider’ or ‘Beta’ options to trial new and changed features.

It’s setup similar to the existing ‘Insider’ options for Windows and Office.

The naming of Insider levels is similar, but not the same as for Office.

Source: Microsoft

Public Preview Channel – the last step before public release of changes to Teams.

Private Preview Channel – for anyone wanting to check out changes a little earlier in the process.

Beta Channel – for early adopters to try out features before they are finalised.

Public Preview Channel will become an option later this week.  Microsoft hasn’t been clear but it seems the Preview options are only available to paid Office 365 hosting customers – not Teams free accounts.

Administrators have to allow preview access to Teams users.  Go to Teams | Update Policies then add a policy with the Show preview features option turned on.   If it’s a new policy, assign users to that policy.

Once that’s enabled, authorised users can find the public preview option in their web or desktop clients at About | Public Preview | Switch to Public Preview.

Our advice on ‘Insiders’ remains the same.  Most people are better off avoiding these trial versions because of the time, trouble and hassles that can arise.  Microsoft pushes their ‘Insider’ options because it’s in their interests to have as many free testers as possible.

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