Get your presentation directly into a Teams call or meeting

PowerPoint for Windows is getting a ‘Present in Teams’ button to drop your presentation into a Teams call or meeting. PowerPoint Live in Teams sounds great, but there are very specific requirements to make it work.

Source: Microsoft

Fire up the Teams desktop app and make sure it’s up to date.

Open the presentation in PowerPoint 365 for Windows

If all is setup correctly, you’ll see a Present in Teams up in the top-right corner.

Source: Microsoft

To get that button requires a very specific setup including where the presentation is saved. You need …

  • Save presentation on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.
  • Teams for Windows desktop app installed and up to date.
  • With a paid version of Teams, not Teams free.
  • Have an Office 365 E3/A3, Office 365 E5/A5, or Microsoft 365 for Government license. 
  • Join the Teams meeting or call before clicking the Present in Teams button.

At the moment, this feature is only available in PowerPoint 365 for Windows Insiders version 2104 (build 13926.20000) and later.

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